I was filled with a different kind of happiness

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I was filled with a different kind of happiness

From a young age I didn’t get along with my mother. I would go disobey her orders and sneak outside.

When I was invited to the HelpCentre, I became a regular member, but outside the church, I would party, drink and smoke occasionally. Eventually, I left the church and moved out of London where I was involved in taking drugs.

When I returned to the city, I realised that my life was not moving forward, so I decided to return to the church and open up to God and the assistants. Without true knowledge of God, I pushed myself to get to know Him, and this was done through evangelism and frequent prayer. As a result, I began to see a change in my inner self.

Even though I was changing on the inside, I always carried doubts. This is why I struggled to receive deliverance, so I evangelised more and began to seek the Holy Spirit with greater belief. This time, I set myself a goal to be sincere with God.

During a Wednesday service, I was seeking the Holy Spirit but I didn’t receive it. However, I continued to evangelise until the next service. It was then that I realised that the Holy Spirit had entered me because I was filled with a different kind of happiness.

Annie Sali

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