Is it for me?

fight for prosperity, prevention is better than cure, take back your love life,

isit-1aWe don’t have much but we’re still a happy family. Is it for us?

Yes. Even though your family is united, which is hard to come by these days, it is not wrong to fight for prosperity. When you have more at your disposal, you are able to do more for yourself and your family. You can even give them a better quality of life.

Come to the Take Back event to learn how to take back the financial life that you deserve.

isit-2I have a happy family with no problems. Is it for me?

Yes. Just because all is fine and dandy now, does not mean that you are exempt from facing problems. The reality is that difficulties come to all, whether we are prepared for them or not. And prevention is better than cure.

The Take Back event will not only teach you how to take back what you have lost, but also how to maintain what you have.

isit-3aMy son is an addict. I’ve tried to help him, but I don’t know what to do. Is it for me?

At the UCKG, we understand how much of an impact addiction can have on the structure of a home. This is why we have meetings dedicated to helping people break free of their addictions.

Addiction is just one of many factors that can affect the family, and at the Take Back event, you will learn what to do to take your son back from the clutches of addiction, and consequently, restore peace to the home.

isit-4My partner cheated on me. Is it for me?

Betrayal is a sure way to drive a rift between a family. Assuming that you would like to find love again and be in a happy relationship, then you have every right to take back your love life.

The Take Back event can help you with this.





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