Prevention is better then cure

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Prevention is better then cure

To put it in simple terms, taking precautions before a difficulty arises is better than needing a big solution afterwards. How true is this? Well, in relation to health, humans sometimes procrastinate. How many times have you delayed booking an appointment to the GP, thinking that your problem will go away soon?

In 2009, the BBC reported that former footballer John Hartson was already in the advanced stages of testicular cancer when he visited the doctor. It is not clear whether Johnson had ignored signs, but we can protect ourselves from scenarios like this through regular check-ups at the hospital. Sometimes people ignore a sign or are reluctant to seek advice out of embarrassment. But it’s easier to prevent further harm by receiving medical guidance than by stressing over potential bad news.

Today, lung cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the UK. Here are some ways to prevent this disease:

•Quit smoking if you are a regular or social smoker.

•Stay away from second-hand smoking.

•Maintain a healthy diet and exercise on a regular basis.

Not a complicated process, right? That’s because, compared to the treatment that cancer sufferers undergo, it isn’t.

Depending on the stage and severity of the illness, treatment is not always effective. In the worst case scenario, the price that one may pay for not preventing a health issue is death, which is the ultimate cost.

The little things, like covering your food in the microwave or packing sun lotion in your luggage for a summer holiday, all play a part.

Don’t delay on a matter before you seek help; the longer you wait, the more damage you may be doing to yourself. Why not also stop by at one of our Tuesday meetings, where you can talk about issues concerning your health.

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