Do you want to learn about the do’s and don’ts of love?

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Do you want to learn about the do's and don'ts of love?

The seven myths of Love                                                                               

The myths surrounding love are what hold people back and hinder progress in their love lives. By focusing on them, you are focusing on the least important things, and chances are that you will be disappointed and will consequently become frustrated. You must remember that happiness and love take time, so it’s important to keep an open mind.

  1. Men are all the same”: This statement holds a negative connotation and it almost makes you hopeless. Your bad experiences in the past should not define the new people who come into your life. You cannot generalise everyone based on the type of people you have previously come into contact with. Believing that everyone is the same is equivalent to giving up, and this should not be the mind-set you should have if you want to succeed in your love life.
  2. “I haven’t found my soul mate”: The idea of finding someone who fits you perfectly is impossible; you don’t have to be exactly the same. In fact, how else will you learn from one another if you are not different? No two people are the same, and it is exactly that difference that makes the relationship work beautifully.
  1. “I want a relationship so that I can be happy”: When two individuals are complete and happy in themselves, only then should they come together for it to work beautifully. It is important to be happy when you are alone. Having someone in your life will complement your happiness. You cannot depend on someone else to make you happy.
  1. “Enjoy it while it lasts!”: Many people go through relationships with the mentality that they will not last, so essentially, they are preparing themselves for the worst. This means that they go through their relationship full of doubt and lacking confidence. Time does not bring relationships to an end, it is what you do or do not do. For example, if you stop doing things you did at the start of the relationship, then things will eventually become less interesting. Instead of the ‘enjoy-it-while-it-lasts’ mind-set, develop the ‘make-it-last’ mind-set.
  1. “I can’t control my heart”: For most situations in life, we use our minds to make calculated and planned decisions. However, in our love lives, we seem to lack this instinct. By not using your mind, you could end up ignoring signs that show you that the relationship you are in is not for you. By using your heart, you end up not acting or doing anything about these signs. You disregard what you know and make a decision with your heart instead of your mind.
  1. “It’s better to be alone than in bad company”: This statement only allows for two options, but what if we ignored both and created a third – ‘To be well accompanied and not alone.’ Many people fear bad company as a result of past experiences, however, this should not be the reason why we do not seek opportunities to find good company.
  2. ” Follow your heart”: Your heart is for feeling, not for deciding! Therefore, follow your mind and never ever follow your heart!

Whether you are single or in a relationship, our Love Talk Seminars are a must! Hosted by couple, Luke and Raphaela Castro, these seminars provide practical advice on how to succeed in the world of love! And with singles events hosted throughout the year, these seminars are a great addition to your weekly program!

“My husband and I didn’t meet in a typical setting; in fact, we met in a nightclub. I was on a search to fill the emptiness and loneliness I felt, and he was there just for a fun night out. We dated, but there were always arguments and complaints between us. When we were invited to and began attending the Love Talk seminars, we learnt how to be happy within ourselves and how to make each other happy. Our relationship has improved immensely!” – Amanda and Carlos

So why don’t you come to these fun and down-to-earth meetings every Thursday at UCKG Headquarters in Finsbury Park? If you would like some more information regarding the Love Talk Seminars, please visit the website

Event: Love Talk Seminar
Day: Every Thursday
Time: 8pm
Location: Rainbow Theatre, 232 Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park, London, N4 3NX

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