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The secret to success isPeople want wealth and comfort, just as much as they want someone to share it with. They live their lives building a happy family and working hard for financial security. Sometimes they work without ever seeing the fruit of their labour, which is the unfortunate case of many nowadays. Meet Efe Eghobamien, who is living the life that any average Joe would envy. Here he tells us how he climbed his way up the ladder of success.

After graduating from university, I proceeded to do a master’s degree but did not complete it because I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to do. A year later, I got married and had my son the same year. But there were uncertainties in my financial life that needed clarifying. And I believe that I came to the UCKG HelpCentre at the right time – 1995 was a crucial year for me. The decisions that I made once I had begun to attend the HelpCentre were what would change the rest of my life forever.

My journey up the prosperity ladder began right at the last rung. After deciding to leave my previous job, I had nothing. I was jobless, but saw an opportunity to work in a field where I could act as a wealth management consultant, overseeing clients’ assets.

I realised that there were people who needed help financially and I saw it as an opportunity to create a business out of offering expertise to those who had none in business. I noticed that people weren’t using their potential to achieve financial stability and independence. This was frustrating because I believed that everything and anything is possible. So I took that attitude on board and started what would soon be an overachieving business.
My partner and I got in touch with a company that distributed franchises and made an agreement to work with them and the profit would be split.

I could credit the idea I had to many things, but the main source of my inspiration was from God. Once I had the inspiration, it was time to fight for the idea to become a reality.

Faith and the Monday financial meetings at the HelpCentre had a big part to play in my life. I have taken part in many Campaigns of Israel in the HelpCentre. Each one brought me a step closer to my dream of becoming financially independent. I was always making purposes with God and seeking His help.

I made Him my boss and He gave me the direction I needed.

There were various struggles in the beginning; I didn’t feel like giving up because I didn’t see myself depending on anyone. I had made a decision to be independent.

My faith in God was so strong and I believed that through it, my business wouldn’t fail. That gave me the strength to keep going.

Through belief, continuation and providing a good service, the clientele grew. I was able to create an association with brand names, which helped to build confidence in the business. So that trust enabled my partner and I to create a hub whereby we were able to satisfy high-network clients and individuals who wanted to create and manage wealth. Through that, we got involved in property and I was introduced to someone by one of the major property and financial firms. However, that person actually defrauded us of £25,000. This was our first major setback.

But I learned a lot and never gave up. I branched out to managing properties and that venture also began to grow. I was now working with high- networked clients. I acquired the contacts of people who did offshore banking, and as time passed, my financial life exceeded so much that I was able to buy an estate agency in order to serve my clients better.

I am completely financially independent. We are running four businesses at the moment and we bought an estate agency and we have quite a few business interests. In 10 years, I have always been able to pay my employees and all running costs because I have managed to maintain my businesses successfully.

My wife and I have three cars – a Porsche Panamera, a BMW X1 and a Citroen C1. I live in a four- bedroomed detached house, with four bathrooms a cloak room, garage, garden and a conservatory. I have the best life and I owe it all to God and the HelpCentre. My secret is investing in the things of God; this is what I prefer to do. And He never fails me. All aspects of my life are fulfilled. My marriage is fantastic and our son is doing very well. I now live a very comfortable life, I can afford to provide the best for my family and help others at the same time. But the best is still yet to come.

Efe Eghobamien

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