Are you trustworthy?

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Trust can get you far with people. They can end up opening the doors of their hearts to you. But, the question is, how can you gain someone’s trust?

Be reliable

You have to be a woman of your word! When you fail to do what you say you will do, you end up being unreliable and people lose their trust in you. We are constantly given opportunities to gain the trust of those around us.

It is what we do with these opportunities that determines whether or not they can trust us with more. If we are unreliable with the little we’ve been given, it would be naïve and unfair of us to expect to be entrusted with more.

Can people trust you?

So, if you are struggling to have your parents, or your boss, or your spouse trust you, examine yourself and try to see what it is you do with the little trust they’ve given you. If your boss gives you a task, can he trust that you will carry it out as asked? Or does he need to be on your case, constantly calling you and observing you, demanding that you meet your deadline?

Can your parents trust that you will meet your current curfew, or do they always have to be worried about you, because you are not home at the time that you said you would be home?

Does your husband not trust you with his money because you do not stick to the budget as agreed? It’s a hard truth to face, but if you are being kept on a tight leash where trust is concerned, it is likely that you have not done enough to earn that trust. Change that and people will trust you more.

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Mrs. Claudia Brito

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