A completely new person

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A completely new person“Growing up, I never believed I could be truly happy. I saw my dad mistreating my mum and, having seen my older sisters experience similar issues in their relationships, it led me to believe my life would pan out the same.”

Although Kelejatu was intent on steering her life in a positive direction, she would often find herself in doubt.

“It seemed like every time I would try to break away from failure and the norms of my family, the results were always the same. When I found out I was pregnant at the age of 18, I decided to have an abortion, which completely broke me inside. I hit rock bottom and I stopped trying to better myself. I gave up on everything that was going well for me in my life.

When I was invited to the HelpCentre and heard the messages and other peoples experiences, for the first time I was hopeful that my life could also change. I was tired of feeling empty inside, I was tired of doing things that I did not enjoy but was dependent on for momentary happiness. I wanted everlasting joy and happiness despite the circumstances that had occurred in my life.”

During her time at the HelpCentre, Kelejatu decided to fight against her former mindset.

“I focused on changing my inner self. I sought God in a way I had never done before. I had to humble myself and I recognised that there were many things I was doing that did not please Him, so I put a stop to these things immediately. I even cut ties with some friends. I battled against the thoughts that told me ‘I could never be happy’ and the thoughts that told me ‘I was destined to fail’. I held on to the promises of God and believed my life would eventually transform.”

Once her transformation began, she was able to offer help to her family.

“Today my life is completely different. I look back at the old Kelly and can barely recognise that girl. I no longer look to other people to provide me with happiness; I now have direction and purpose in life. I am an example to my family; my parents come to me for advice and they ask me to help my sisters even though I am one of the youngest. I can now say I am truly happy!”

Kelejatu Tarawelie

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