God feeds off our trust!

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On Saturday July 16th, hundreds of women filled the Rainbow Theatre to attend the Godllywood’s 7th Self-Help seminar on excellence. The topic of this inspiring seminar was trusting in God.

Mrs Claudia Brito, Bishop Randal’s wife, conducts the meeting on excellence.

TV Presenter Chrissy B shared: “Amazing meeting once again. There was a particular phrase that stood out to me the most, which was, ‘God feeds off our trust, to grow and get stronger in our lives.’ I had never looked at it in that way. This is so powerful. When we trust, it’s like giving fuel to God to work in us and through us. I also loved it when Mrs Claudia Brito shared her experience. I could really feel everyone’s full attention. It’s so powerful to hear a personal experience from our times now.”

Sibon Phiri, who has faithfully attended all the seminars, added: “Today’s meeting reinforced the importance of trusting in God in all situations. The way we react to things and how we trust in God will determine if He is able to work to bring the answer, because I learnt that our trust is what feeds God”.

Mrs Claudia Brito, who believed this seminar to be the base for the other previous six seminars, explained that to trust meant relying on the character, ability, or strength of someone or something and believing in them to delegate to them what is precious to you.

To further illustrate what trust was, Claudia shared an intimate personal experience, relating to an episode in her life where she needed to trust in God 100 per cent – and as a consequence, she was revived when someone showed full trust in her.

As the meeting unfolded, one could have heard a penny drop in the auditorium. Those who attended left with the understanding that often, people make great sacrifices in their life because of their faith, but that faith is not worth much if it’s not accompanied by complete trust that those sacrifices will bring the desired result.

If they fail to trust in the moment of a great trial, then their sacrifice will fail to bear fruit. When we trust, the signs around us do not move us, especially if those signs are negative. Instead, we are moved by a faith that doesn’t waver – fully believing that we will receive or achieve what we hoped for.

The next seminar on excellence will take place on Sunday 21st August, at 4pm.

We look forward to seeing you there for another uplifting and inspiring meeting. Don’t miss!

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