Four tips on how to impress a woman

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Four tips on how to impress a woman

No, it’s not to give her your credit card and let her use it without a limit.

It is true that we women, are a bit complicated for men, but do you know why? Because they are far more practical than us! While we worry about the details of our looks, wondering what make-up colour we are going to wear, what accessories will go with our outfit and doing our hair, they are choosing a tie to go with the same old suit. Now you understand why we are complicated. But what would be the fun if we were not complicated? As a matter of fact, it adds a bit of mystery for them to solve. In this game, the more mysterious we are, the more interesting we become.

However, impressing us is not as difficult as it seems. All we need is attention, which sometimes is irrelevant to men. But this is because they have all of our attention, isn’t it, girls?

Now, speaking to the men, here are four very objective and practical tips for you, without much detail, without much complication, just the way you like it:

  • Make your wife feel like the most beautiful and loved woman in your life. There are thousands of ways of doing this, and it’s not up to me to list them here, because what works for me might not work for a friend. This is why you should know her well. This also means valuing her, which is so important for women nowadays. Renato knows me very well, and because I always appreciate the small things he does for me, he keeps on doing more. Here’s a tip for women: if you do not appreciate the small things that your husband does for you, how can you expect him to do greater things?
  • Be interested in what is going on in her life. In the rush of everyday life, it is quite common for the husband to come home at the end of the day and just want to rest. It is not wrong; on the contrary, everyone who works deserves to rest. But sometimes, he forgets that his wife also had a busy day. An interesting thing about women, which many men still do not understand, is that the majority of them need to talk or vent in order to rest. She keeps everything inside, but there comes a time when she needs to let it all out or she will explode. And this is when a husband must swing into action. Ask her about her day and just listen. That’s all! You don’t need to give your opinion; as a matter of fact, she probably doesn’t want it, and I’ll tell you why: you are very practical and she is complicated, remember? So, just ask and listen. Is that too much to ask?
  • Allow her to be part of your life. She may be the busiest woman in the world, yet still want to be part of her husband’s life. She may not be by your side all the time, but she needs to know what you’re up to. It is easy to understand. We have a motherly nature and we take pleasure taking care. But when we feel excluded and ignored, we feel helpless and useless.This is when negative thoughts bombard our minds. We start wondering why we don’t know anything, why our husbands don’t open up to us… Why? Why? Suddenly, jealousy sparks within us! When a husband trusts his wife to the point of allowing her to be part of his daily life, he is investing in her trust in him. And, believe me, a confident woman is a very happy woman indeed!
  • Make her feel secure without making her the centre of your life. This is not a contradiction to the first tip. Women don’t like men who are very jealous, clingy and always begging for attention. In fact, women tend to make little of such. Yes, we like attention, but not to the point of making us feel like goddesses. This is how a husband, fiancé or boyfriend loses the respect of the woman he loves. Think of a caveman (but without pulling her hair!). Your wife needs to feel secure by your side – you have to be her man and protector, not her pet!

Girls, you must read this article to learn how to impress your husbands too. If everyone does their part, your relationship will be the best part of your lives after God. Enjoy!


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