Mental health matters with Chrissy B: 4 things women do which stress their men out

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Did you know that one in eight men are diagnosed with a common mental illness such as anxiety, depression, panic disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder? Having a stressful relationship can contribute to these issues, so here are a few things to avoid:

1.Bringing up the past

Arguments happen and you will not always see eye to eye on matters. But once an argument is resolved, don’t bring the issue up again, and don’t rub his face in it. It’s petty and catty – move on.

2. Giving the silent treatment

This creates a horrible atmosphere and men become genuinely upset if you are distant and cold. Some women continue the silent treatment for days, often trying to force an apology.

Research conducted by the Wake Forest University found that men are more vulnerable than women to a relationship’s ups and downs. Researchers believe this is because women will go to friends to express themselves but for men, their partner is whom they tend to express themselves too, so if they are not talking, men have no one.

3. Being too needy or too cool

We all know being too needy is a turn-off. I was the queen of neediness in the past. It’s annoying, suffocating and demeaning. But the opposite can also be damaging – playing it too cool. If you play games just to see if your partner will chase you and give you more attention, it could backfire. He could even think you’re not interested in him anymore. However, investing in yourself for the right reasons will make you more attractive to your partner.

4. Wanting your own way

Don’t expect your partner to always do what you want to do. And if you do what he wants, do it with a smile instead of a long face.

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