Earning Your Success

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Earning your success

A man living on the streets came across thousands of dollars twice in the past month and has given it all away.

A few weeks ago, the man, who has asked not to be identified, found a suitcase with $2,000 cash inside on a street in British Columbia, Canada. Instead of keeping it, the homeless man, who is in his 60’s, turned the money over to police.

As news spread of his honest gesture, donations flooded into a fundraising site to help him—$5,000 to date, including $255 from a kids’ lemonade stand.

After hours of searching, A Police Constable finally found him, and told him about the money raised – but instead of accepting it, the man insisted the donations go to a local homeless shelter.

He did have one request. He needed help in finding a job. The same blog that raised the reward money, has vowed to aid in the request.

The man says he wants to shows his gratitude for the community’s support by paying it forward.

From a technical point of view, this man possesses nothing and received the opportunity to receive £5,000 easily, however he decided that he wanted to ‘pay his way forward’ and work for his money instead of receiving it the easy way.

Today we find many people who want receive money the easy way, but have no desire to work for it. Wouldn’t it be more satisfactory to work for your success instead of it being placed in the palm of your hand? Think about it.

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Source from: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/homeless-man-gives-bakc-thousands-of-dollars-twice/

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