Being wise as a serpent

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Being wise as a serpent

A police officer who is also a member of our church in Texas recently told me how, decades ago, the illegal crossings along the US-Mexico border were mostly of families seeking refuge from their poverty-stricken country, hoping for a better life. Now, this has turned into a major industry of multi-billion dollar drug cartels and human traffickers, who turn many into slaves and drug runners by promising them a good life in America. Millions of dollars of drugs, guns and smuggled slaves from across the border are loaded onto 18-wheelers, vans, and whatever vehicle they can use to evade the police, whizz past our church along Highway 59 on a daily basis. He told me that for every vehicle that is caught, nine others get by freely. It’s overwhelming. Even more contraband is confiscated at the Port of Houston, and the police are well aware that this is only the tip of the iceberg and, rarely, is any of this reported in the media. It’s not politically correct to expose these crimes as frequently as they happen. If this is an epidemic in just one city, imagine what’s going on everywhere else?

Of course, our church does its utmost to help immigrants – legal or not – to care for them, save them and teach them faith and true freedom. If this practice of open borders is feeding the drug culture, prostitution, paedophilia and extorting the country’s money to be reinvested in these bloodthirsty cartels, shouldn’t we want this to end? Doesn’t it make sense that these cartels might be paying the media and even some politicians to protect them? Could it be that corrupt companies are doing business with these cartels to fill their factories with cheap labour to make more money from these slaves? The Pope and civil rights leaders preach about love and kindness to strangers, they welcome the downtrodden and quote Bible verses while vigorously denouncing anyone who wants more border control as racist and intolerant.

What I would like to know is, doesn’t God enforce laws and practice discipline? Does God tolerate abuse?

It’s not just the US/Mexico border. A massive movement of immigrants from Syria and other primarily Muslim nations, are flooding into the European Union because of civil war and poverty, burdening Europe with billions of dollars worth of aid. A temporary fix has slowed down the crisis with a deal with Turkey to take on most of the refugees but, interestingly, none of the wealthy Arab nations in the Middle East have offered to help their fellow Muslims in crisis. Then there’s the longstanding problem with impoverished immigrants from Mozambique and Angola crossing the borders of South Africa, and Australia has been criticized for finally toughening up on the thousands from China and Southeast Asia who attempt to be smuggled in illegally.

The question is, why aren’t countries taking care of their own people? If the demons that dictate poverty, war and corruption are torn down, these countries could thrive as they were meant to do by God. No one would want to risk their lives to cross borders, because their own home country would be a place of safety and opportunity to be blessed. Who else knows how to fight against these principalities but true Christians? We have authority to tear down strongholds, to bind spiritual forces, and we should use it.

The picture the Bible describes of the rule of the antichrist is one government over all of mankind, one set of laws, no borders, and one world religion. This new world order will be extremely popular. Like I mentioned in my last post, the attractiveness of a world where no one is either rich or poor seems so Christian – but it will be nothing of the sort. The only ones who will be allowed to buy and sell will be those who are branded in some way, with the mark of the beast. Whoever refuses to submit to the one world government, will be forced to live in fear and exile from the rest of society.

Read the book of Revelation, it’s all there.

If freedom to worship, to be independent and live by the work of your own hands is an obstacle to the antichrist’s new world order then, of course, it would want to tear down any country that promotes those freedoms. Destroy its borders, and the path to that new order is much clearer. The world is already headed in that direction and we who belong to Christ will witness the birth pangs of that final phase before the rapture. Just how much of it we’ll experience before we’re taken, no one knows.

Pray daily against the spirit of the antichrist, which are at work in your country and community. Bind up the principalities, which are at work that want to flood the world with darkness. You have authority to fight in Jesus’ name, so use it every day. Fight for your own country to become stable, and to provide safety and abundance to all its citizens. Maybe God wants to use you there to make a difference. Fight for our freedom to continue to spread the gospel for as long as we can. Vote wisely!

“Look, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” (Matthew 10:16)


If any of you wonder whether it’s appropriate for a Pastor’s wife, like myself, to be commenting on politics, as far as God’s concerned, it is! As far as the law is concerned (speaking as an American), no Pastor or church is allowed to fundraise or endorse a candidate or party in an official capacity from the pulpit. However, every Pastor or church leader does have the legal right to announce their personal political choices, as long as they are speaking as private citizens.

Various well-known Pastors in the US have already publicly announced the candidates they support. Some of you readers have been unsure of reposting articles on politics, but as private citizens, you have First Amendment rights (if you’re from the US) and have nothing to worry about!

Evelyn Higginbotham

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