I finally found the strength to break my habits

attending the Universal Church, support and guidance,

Elisabete Cristina‘Growing up I had low self-esteem, which grew into a deep sadness within me. I also had many family problems that pushed me to stay away from home and be out with my friends.

It was through those same friends that I was introduced to drugs. I began smoking weed and two packs of cigarettes a day as well as taking ecstasy. I also drank a lot of alcohol. All of that enabled me to enter a world with no problems – apparently.

At that point, my mother was already attending the Universal Church and invited me to join her, but I would refuse. However, she kept praying for me.

Reality finally hit when I started losing everything because of my habits: relatives, friends and ultimately, my job. Consequently, I decided to attend the Church.

There, I received the support and guidance I needed. They also offered encouragement on a one- to-one basis and I found the willpower to overcome. What kept me going were the positive stories of those who had also overcome their negative habits. If they were able to, why couldn’t I?

I continued fighting for change until I was completely free. Today, I no longer need drugs or alcohol to run from my problems. I am extremely happy from the inside out.’

Elisabete Cristina

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