What makes you unique as a woman?

Aggresion, basic emotional need, facial expressions, know how to love, oxytocin, physical activity, thought process,

rom within the womb, women’s brains are biologically different to men’s brains. High levels of oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine are secreted when we are hugged, caressed, loved, spoken to kindly, reinforced and cherished.

Masculine traits: Aggression, competition, physical activity, sex, logic, achieving. Feminine traits: Family unity, communication, building bonds of trust, expressing love, creativity, nurturing.

Our sense of self begins at childbirth, when we are more aware of our mother’s reactions. We read faces, expressions, tones of voice and body language better than males, from infancy.

Little girls look for recognition among a crowd of strangers, while little boys look for something fun to do.

When we look at a face, which has no expression, we interpret that we have done something wrong. We connect people’s facial expressions to our self-worth, whether rightly or wrongly.

When a young girl does not receive the proper amount of loving affirmation through touch, words, facial expressions, patient listening or even physical care, she becomes deprived of a basic emotional need. This leads to erratic and irrational behaviour in what would ordinarily be a calm and gentle girl.

What is a woman’s basic emotional need? To be valued and cared for – in other words, to be loved.

Women need to overcome the lies of hopelessness that says too much time has passed; that we can’t trust again after experiencing disappointment; that we don’t know how to love anymore.

Rewiring your thought process means – taking a rational look at who you have become, and what you can change from now on.

Mrs Claudia Brito


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