A small amount of faith

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A small amount of faith

Today’s tip is to draw attention to the POWER of FAITH and it does not need to be BIG. It may be small like an insignificant seed, but, unfortunately, not everyone gives it due attention.

Just for the fact that it, albeit tiny, JUSTIFIES us before the ALMIGHTY and favours us with MERITS, WHICH WE ARE UNWORTHY OF HAVING BEFORE HIM, it is enough to change anyone’s life.

You can be a spiritualist, catholic, evangelical, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish. You can be of any religion, any nationality and cheer for any team you like. You can be a good guy or a bad guy, white or black, male or female, gay, lesbian, bisexual or whatever else you like, it does not matter.

Are you a soul? Are you troubled? Do you need help? Do you believe that God is ALMIGHTY AND POWERFUL?

What matters is when a person stands before the Almighty with a minimum amount of FAITH, is enough for him to be answered.

This is what happened during the time of Jesus. HE NEVER DENIED ANYONE WHO CAME TO HIM! How about you?




I advise you to use a minimum amount of reason and put this into practice TODAY!

Bishop Edir Macedo
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    Maria nelia casas

    1st May 2016

    Tne POWER of FAITH does not have to be BIG. It may be small as a mustard seed. yes, Bishop as you share this teaching of "faith". We learn that is a pure and intelligent faith. no God has not changed- He is the same yesterday , tomorrow and forever. And No God is not dead. Jesus is Alive !

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    Immaculate Alyano

    8th June 2016

    Bishop! I've seen many wonders and miracles that happened to me because the Power Of the small faith that am having.Through this, I understood that when you use your faith without doubt, situations changes...

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    Granny Tshabalala

    22nd June 2016

    Amen!! all that Jesus need from us is to believe in Him and to have faith. He didnt say big or maximum faith but just faith. through faith miracles and wonders are happening, just need to believe in Him with no doubt.

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    Franscina nyambose

    30th June 2016

    Yes Bishop our faith it can be small like and master seed but it will removed mountain when we believe in Jesus Christ we are saved.

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