A letter from a man

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There is one thing WOMEN should understand about MEN. When you post seductive pictures on social media; showing cleavage, a great amount of skin, posing on a bed, the only thing you’re making men feel is a sexual desire for you.

You may enjoy the 500 likes and 120 comments you receive from attractive guys, and let’s not forget the countless private messages, which can make you feel like posting more pictures to feel like you are on top of the world.

But there is  a  very  important thing you must know. In reality, most of the guys who like your comments (or send you private messages) don’t love or truly appreciate you. All they really want is to use you and then discard you when you post the lascivious kind of images.

To be sincere, it is highly unlikely that they see wife-like qualities inside you. For them, you’re no more than a girl they can call up, a girl looking for popularity bought cheaply on social media.

Sincere men—wealthy or poor—admire women that dress with decency and respect themselves. Modest attire that doesn’t reveal too much of a woman’s body will encourage men to love and respect you. Such clothing provides a virtuous character to women, a personality that a man will be willing to introduce to others. Men prefer their wives, their children’s mother, to be virtuous souls. Decent clothing implies that you were raised with good principles.

Guys don’t really care about excessive amounts of make-up… A woman that’s good enough to be a wife excels no matter what.

Value your body, be sincere, respect yourself, and a gentleman will find you one way or another.

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