The power of creation

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The power of creation

‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God… All things were created through Him, and without Him nothing was created that was created.’ (John 1:1-3)

In the passage above, the Word is referring to Jesus. He was with God in the beginning of time, and it was through the Word that God created the world and everything in it.

There are many people who have no idea of the immeasurable power of words, which is a reason why people tend to say things that end up cursing themselves or others. They have no idea how powerful their words are, but now imagine how powerful the Word of God is.

We learn in Romans 10:17 that FAITH comes by hearing the word of God. So, as we read above, the word of God is Jesus, and we see here that the word of God generates FAITH in us.

Jesus once spoke to the scribes and Pharisees concerning FAITH when He told them: ‘You tithe mint and dill and cumin, but have neglected the weightier matters of the law: justice and mercy and faith’. (Matthew 23:23) And it is in this verse that we can find the Holy Trinity:

The Father – Justice

The Son – Mercy

The Holy Spirit – Faith

We can conclude that it is from the Son (Jesus) that the Holy Spirit comes; in other words, Jesus (the Word) generates FAITH (the Holy Spirit). However, this FAITH is not referring to the natural faith, but to a Supernatural Faith.

When a person receives the Holy Spirit, they receive the same power that was used in the beginning of time to create the world, that is, the power of creation. This power is so wonderful that our words literally begin to have the same effect as the words spoken by God.

A person who has this power is able to create whatever they need in their lives, including healing, financial prosperity, joy, peace, freedom from depression and anxiety, family unity, and much more.

When a person lives an ordinary life, it is because they only have the ordinary faith; however, to live an extraordinary life, a person must have the Supernatural Faith.

If a person has not received this Supernatural Faith, it is because there is a lack of commitment to God. There is only commitment when there is faith, the ordinary faith. For example, when a man marries a woman, it is because he has faith in her, he has faith that the relationship will work; therefore, he marries her to show that he has a commitment to her.

It is exactly the same thing to have a relationship with God. When we decide wholeheartedly that we want God, we become committed to Him by being committed to His word. Then as we continue in His word, we receive the Holy Spirit – that is when we receive this Supernatural Faith.

Do you want this power of creation that can change your life?

Now, you know what to do.

God bless you

Bishop Randal Brito

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