Is it good to feel pain?

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This week in our meeting, we delved into a subject we definitely all have in common… pain! Who has never felt some sort of pain? But, the question is, is it good to feel pain?

When the memory of our painful moments comes to mind, the answer is most definitely NO! And that’s how the majority of those who were present at our meeting answered this question.

A warning signal

We resorted to learning from our physical body, and looked at the reason why our bodies feel pain. Pain is a signal that our body sends us, to warn us that something is wrong and needs to be fixed. So, whenever we feel pain, we immediately know that we need to do something to sort out that problem.

Imagine never feeling any pain

There are people who are born with an incapacity to feel pain, and while that may sound like a dream scenario, the majority grow up to develop serious deformities and disabilities, some as serious as blindness.

Do not ignore your pain

Many deal with emotional pain by sweeping it under the carpet. No one wants to remember their childhood traumas, hurtful words, betrayal, abandonment, etc. People tend to erect walls to protect themselves from such pain. But, refusing to deal with this pain will lead to emotional deformities
and disabilities later on life.


I had to change my frame of mind

I was the type of person that would ask God, “Why is my life like this? What am I doing wrong? I can’t take this anymore!” Through the women’s meetings, I learnt that if I wanted anything from God, I had to use faith. If my life was the way it was, it had nothing to do with God. I learnt to look within myself to discover where I was going wrong. Asking God things using my emotions wouldn’t get me the answers I need. My frame of mind has changed completely. These meetings have been amazing! They have opened my understanding to dealing with things the right way. I look forward to them every Sunday and would encourage all women to join me.

Venetia Palmer


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    dawanan sudin

    8th July 2015

    I am a member of the UCKG in Guyana at charlotte street Georgetown.i love the church and its teaching

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