The secret of success in a Campaign?


In these past weeks, God has revealed to us a Gideon that we probably had not noticed up to now – a Gideon who also had his fears!

He had fears but was not afraid. There’s a big difference there. Why? Because we all have fears, just as Gideon had; however, taking action in spite of our fears is what makes us NOT to be afraid.

As I was listening to the testimonies of people who have been blessed in the previous Campaigns of Israel, I noticed exactly that!

When they made a real sacrifice for the first time, they feared. But the desire to see their lives transformed was much greater than the fear of not being answered. And once they got their victories, the fear of sacrificing in the next Campaigns got weaker and weaker, because they had their own experiences with God. But what is the secret of success in a Campaign of Israel?

1. Don’t do what you think should be done. Don’t give what you think should be given – That’s what Gideon did at first, but the result was that the Angel of the Lord departed out of his sight. This means that when we offer what we think is right, the blessings and testimonies also disappear from our lives. Read Judges 6:17-21.

2. Do what God is asking from you – When the Angel returned, He told Gideon to destroy the altar of Baal and sacrifice the second bull of seven years old. I’m sure that was the last thing Gideon had in mind, but that was precisely what he needed to do to change the situation. That’s what God required and if anything less than that was presented, I’m sure the people would have remained in bondage for many more years. Destroying the altar of Ball meant cutting off the links with the devil. This is part of our spiritual sacrifice.

Imagine if God had given Gideon the victory over his enemies while the people were still worshipping Baal? They would probably have thought the victory came because Baal helped them, and consequently, they would remain doing wrong in the eyes of God and losing not only physically speaking but, above all, the salvation of their souls.

Sacrificing the second bull means DEPENDING on God 100%. That bull represented their dependence and their little hope for the future. But in fact, if God had not interceded on their behalf, they would have ended up losing the first bull, the second bull, and every other animal they might still have had with them.

It was necessary for Gideon to trust in God. That’s what God was asking from him.

And he did it!

How about you?

Will you do what you think should be done OR what God is asking from you? The success of your Campaign depends exclusively on your answer (and action) to the question above. Please read it again!

P.S: Someone asked me this week the following question, ‘Bishop, how can I know that my sacrifice is exactly what God is asking from me?’ Well, I will answer this question next Sunday.

May God bless you all! See you in the Valley of Decision.

Bp Celso Junior
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  1. Beatrice Emiku em 4 de December, 12

    Bishop, I am in the campaign full power. Thank you.

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