Ukrainian refugees receive support from the Universal Church in Ireland


The United Nations (UN) estimates that 520,000 Ukrainian citizens are refugees in neighbouring countries.

A good number of them headed to Ireland: according to statistics from the European Commission, there was a 72.1% increase in the number of Ukrainians seeking international protection in the country by September 2023.

For about a year now, Pastors and members of the Universal Church, have been providing physical and spiritual support to refugees in this time of pain.

They attend a meeting broadcast directly from Ukraine and have access to a good meal. Other larger events offered donations of basic food baskets, clothing and personal care.

“Many feel alone without any expectations for the future and through each event we have been able to help many Ukrainians. We have seen that what is simple for us makes all the difference for those who most need it”, says Pastor David Gomes responsible for evangelistic work in Ireland.

“I have a son who fights in the war in Ukraine. I came to this country with my wife because we are old and hoping for a better life. Participating in church events helps us a lot, when we lack hope, the word of faith has helped us believe that better days will come. We are grateful for the affection we have received from the Universal Church”, – Victor, 65 years old.

Sergey Lisitckiy, 22 years old said, “I am very grateful for the work of Universal that helps us not only with physical food, but the Word of God that helps us move forward. Thank you everyone”.

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