Women’s Extravaganza at Westfield Stratford City

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Tuesday 12th March 2013

Saturday 16th March, 9am – 9pm Live entertainment, makeovers and even Zumba sessions will all be part of a women’s extravaganza in the Westfield Stratford City on Saturday March 16th, courtesy of the popular DKW and Chrissy B shows on My Channel, Sky 203.

Reflecting the values of International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8th this year, the event will take place on a 14 by 9 metre arena adjacent to the John Lewis store. It starts when the centre opens at 9am and continues until closing time at 9pm.

The occasion marks the re-launch of Cristiane Cardoso’s book – The V-Woman – which celebrates femininity in a world where the majority of women take both traditional men’s and women’s roles in their stride, at times to their detriment.

The V-Woman’s message is that women need to value themselves as women, and not only as wage-earners and professionals, child-raisers, carers, cooks, cleaners and household managers.  Neither should they accept the status of sex objects, who are only wanted while they are at their most physically attractive and become invisible within society as they age.

“It’s all about well-being,” said Nanda Bezerra of the DKW show.  “We believe that women are happiest when they are enjoying their femininity as well as equal rights and opportunities, and are treated with respect.”  DKW stands for Different Kind of Woman, and it’s about getting the right balance between modern and traditional values.

Together with her co-hosts Jennifer Mensah, Gemma Leon, Mary Jo Monteiro, Sherene Changoo and Sam Dixon, and Chrissy B whose three-times weekly show is on Sky 203, Nanda will be inviting women shoppers at Westfield Stratford City to celebrate and feel valued.

There will be opportunities for makeovers on a first come, first served basis, and to take part in live shows, competitions and prize draws.  The glamorous presenters will also be available to autograph copies of The V-Woman for ladies who want to know more and buy the book.

Visit the dedicated website thevwoman.com for the full programme.


Note to editors:

DKW Show.  This show takes the innovative view that women don’t have to follow today’s unhelpful if popular trends to be accepted, but that real beauty comes through being different.  Viewers gain a light-hearted, sensitive and informative peek into what it means to be a woman in the 21st century in a show that delves into such topics as love and romance, careers, health, family and self-motivation.

Chrissy B Show. A talk show hosted by Chrissy B herselffeatures all of today’s top issues.  It tackles lifestyle and health topics through the eyes of a happy, honest, down-to-earth presenter who’s been through a lot, loves life and tells it how it is.  The show provides information, solutions and entertainment.

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