Women Learn to Take Real Care of Themselves

Audience, Finsbury Park, Rainbow Theatre,

Wednesday 27th March 2013

Women are subjected to so many pressures these days that it is quite innovative for them to take time out from their work and domestic responsibilities and concentrate on their own needs. Nonetheless, this happened at the Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park on Saturday March 23rd.

The occasion was Love, Life and Lipstick, a two-hour empowerment programme run jointly by the DKW and The Chrissy B TV shows on My Channel Sky 203.  Around 200 women attended; and the occasion was highly praised by the two guest speakers, clinical psychologist Jacqui Marson and Zumba instructor Maxine Jones.

Jacqui, who is an occasional guest on the DKW Show, maintains that self-belief is a massive problem for women in the UK because of the pressures on them to look this way, do that, conform and put others first. She remarked that the audience had been highly receptive to the interactive session she gave with presenters from the shows.

Maxine was impressed by the “wonderfully welcoming atmosphere” she experienced at the event. Like Jacqui, she emphasised the need for women to put themselves first occasionally, recommending Zumba as a great stress-buster and ideal for fighting off the persistent gloom that seems to be linked to the UK’s miserable weather.

The afternoon also included a talent show for members of the audience with prizes and make-up tips. An item entitled unlocking the male mind, provided thought-provoking insights into men’s views on what constitutes a successful relationship.

Gemma Leon one of the DKW presenters added: We were pleased with the live event on Saturday. There was a balanced mix of entertainment, advice, self help and reflection. The audience reaction was very positive and I believe they benefitted from the entire event.”

Her colleague DKW presenter Nanda Bezerra, who was responsible for organising the show, brought proceedings to an end by speaking about the importance of self love and focussing on your best attributes.

Every woman in the audience received a white balloon and was invited to write on it something about herself that she wished to leave behind – namely her uncertainties, insecurities and so on.  As they burst the balloons, the audience vowed to focus on their best attributes and use them to building better lives for themselves.


Note to editors: 

DKW Show.  This show takes the innovative view that women don’t have to follow today’s unhelpful if popular trends to be accepted, but that real beauty comes through being different.  Viewers gain a light-hearted, sensitive and informative peek into what it means to be a woman in the 21st century in a show that delves into such topics as love and romance, careers, health, family and self-motivation.

Chrissy B Show. A talk show hosted by Chrissy B herselffeatures all of today’s top issues.  It tackles lifestyle and health topics through the eyes of a happy, honest, down-to-earth presenter who’s been through a lot, loves life and tells it how it is.  The show provides information, solutions and entertainment.

Jacqui Marson is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist who specialises in helping women and men who find themselves in difficult life situations. Her latest book, The Curse of Lovely: How to break free from the demands of others and learn how to say no was published in March 2013.

Maxine Jones runs Zumba classes in various parts of London as a full time fitness instructor, having made a major career shift out of banking two years ago.


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