Women’s Extravaganza Draws the Crowds at Westfield Stratford City

Cristiane Cardoso, DKW, My Channel, Upton Park, Westfield Stratford City,

Tuesday 19th March 2013

An event, which set out to celebrate women and provide a day’s live entertainment at the Westfield Stratford City on Saturday, 16th March, proved a huge success across the board.

“We must have attracted thousands and we certainly created a great party atmosphere,” said Chrissy B, presenter of the My Channel, The Chrissy B Show on Sky 203, which co-hosted the extravaganza with the DKW (Different Kind of Woman) Show.

Starting with a lively song and dance performance by members of the Victory Youth Group (VYG), the fun ran from 10am until the shopping city closed at 9pm.  “Highlights comprised the re-launch of Cristiane Cardoso’s book, The V-Woman, which celebrates femininity and the Zumba sessions, which attracted hundreds of people with up to 40 participants at a time,” added Chrissy B.

Shoppers also watched as episodes of the DKW and The Chrissy B Shows were recorded.  These warm, friendly TV programmes cover issues that are important to both men and women, but which make a big difference to women’s well-being and self esteem, for instance the problems of a toxic friendship and the top 10 things that men don’t like in women.

On the lighter side there were makeup tips, competitions and talent shows, with some of the participants receiving copies of The V-Woman as prizes. Children were not forgotten with face painting and their own chances to dance.

Ali Bawahaj of Upton Park in East London was one of the men to try Zumba for the first time. “This was so much fun. I now know why people chose this kind of exercise,” he said.

Elizabeth Alaka of Catford in South London added: “I am so happy that I was chosen to perform, but if I had simply been here as a shopper I would have stopped to join in as the place is full of excitement.”

Throughout the day Chrissy B and the presenters of the DKW show, Nanda Bezerra, Jennifer Mensah, Gemma Leon, Mary Jo Monteiro, Sherene Changoo and Sam Dixon, were supported by a team of 76 volunteers.

Complementing them all on the event, Karen Regan of East London said: “It is absolutely amazing how they have put this together… the atmosphere in this place makes you forget that it is pouring down with rain.”


Note to editors:

DKW Show.  This show takes the innovative view that women don’t have to follow today’s unhelpful if popular trends to be accepted, but that real beauty comes through being different.  Viewers gain a light-hearted, sensitive and informative peek into what it means to be a woman in the 21st century in a show that delves into such topics as love and romance, careers, health, family and self-motivation.

Chrissy B Show. A talk show hosted by Chrissy B herselffeatures all of today’s top issues.  It tackles lifestyle and health topics through the eyes of a happy, honest, down-to-earth presenter who’s been through a lot, loves life and tells it how it is.  The show provides information, solutions and entertainment.

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