Woman celebrates divorce with photoshoot

a chapter of my life, with the right guidance,

Woman celebrates divorce with photoshoot

After her marriage of 13 years fell apart, Marie Lollies — a 47-year-old woman from South Carolina, USA — celebrated her divorce with a photoshoot that included pictures of her burning her wedding photo and showing off the papers that completed the split from her husband.

‘I wanted to show that strong women can be empowered to move on and be happy. It’s okay to be happy again. I wanted a way to close a chapter of my life my way and celebrate finally making it official.’ 

Marie’s photoshoot went viral and has gained more than 59,000 likes and 10,000 retweets on Twitter. Many applauded her attitude, but some people were a little more critical of her going to all that effort just to celebrate a divorce. However, it didn’t seem to faze Marie, who is just glad that her marriage is officially over. She explained that her marriage wasn’t always filled with such heartache, describing her ex as ‘a good man’ when he wasn’t on drugs. 

We can clearly see that Marie’s marriage did not prevail due to the harsh reality she was facing at the time, and it is not right to judge her, as she is the only one who knows what she went through. However, we would like to let you know that, although marriage is not always easy, with the right guidance you can fight with the right weapons to have your ‘happily-ever-after’ marriage. 

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