When is violence allowed?

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When is violence allowed?

We’ve grown up learning that violence is not the solution to any problem and that we should avoid it at all costs, but in this week’s meeting, we challenged the ladies present to be violent. Question is, when is violence allowed?

A vicious cycle

When you find yourself regretting, but keep going back to the same mistake, over and over again, it’s time to get violent with yourself. You promise yourself you’ll never watch pornography again, but a month later, there you are again, watching it. Then you start feeling guilty and you decide to stop, but a few weeks later, there you are again. This vicious cycle will never be broken unless you get violent with yourself.

Deeply-rooted habits

Pornography is but one example, there are many situations that warrant the need for violence—an affair with a married man, lying, malicious thoughts against your authorities, grudges, resentment, a hot temper and many more. Normally these tendencies are so deeply rooted, that only a violent action will uproot them. But, what exactly does it mean being violent with yourself?

Don’t play nice

Violence is synonymous with to words such as brutality, ferocity, cruelty, savagery, ruthlessness and heartlessness. In other words, you cannot play nice with your bad habits. Trying to manage them and ease yourself out of them will not work. You have to hate what you are doing wrong. While you are still enjoying it, it is ruling over you and you will never break free of it. But, once you are violent against it, and you begin to hate it, you do whatever it takes to defeat it. Then you become free.

What has this habit cost you? When you truly understand what you have lost because of this bad habit, you will understand that violence and letting go of it is the only solution! Go in this strength and set yourself free once and for all. Until when are you going to be a slave to this habit?

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Mrs. Claudia Brito

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