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Do you ever find yourself making the same mistake over and over again? It’s very frustrating when we try to deal with a problem, but end up back at square one.

There are two things we need to do in order to prevent ourselves from falling short: change our mindset and then take action.

Psychologically, you need to tell yourself that any hurdles that you run into can be overcome!

When people are unsuccessful on the first attempt to tackle a problem, they normally give up or become more hesitant about dealing with it. This is a psychological mistake because you are telling yourself that it is not an emergency. Reacting to the difficulty later only sets you back. Smokers often tell themselves: “I’ll only smoke one more time then I’ll quit.” But one more pack becomes two more packs, then three more. Before you realise it, you’re back where you started and still addicted.

In terms of action, this requires pinpointing where you are going wrong.

Our setting can make a situation more challenging than it needs to be. If somebody wants to cut down on drinking, it could be easier for him or her to socialise in a coffee shop, rather than a pub.

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