What do you like doing the most? (Part II)

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What do you like doing the most? (Part II)

What do you consider valuable and precious? For example, if you have the attention of someone who is very important, you can become as “important” or famous as that person and this can make you very sure of yourself.

Now, how would you feel if you don’t have this type of attention? Would you feel inferior, forgotten, rejected, insecure, even jealous, etc.

Some people consider beauty to be when they are close to someone they admire, when this person talks to them with acceptance and is always feeding them good words, he or she gives them responsibilities and a “position”. To them, that’s beautiful and even extraordinary and their confidence is based on these things. That’s the only way they feel sure of themselves so, when they lose their “status and apparent “security”, they get discouraged, they don’t move forward and may even fall! They develop evil eyes, envy and all sorts of negative things.

The bible says that “praise” is a trap, and this becomes so when you meet someone who makes you feel like there is no one else like you; when you think or say that your group, your church, your pastor is different or better than others.

The more responsibilities you have, the more you feel sure of yourself, because you are “growing”. If you weren’t able to see your spiritual state before, but now recognise it and see that you have grown because of it, this can make you proud too. Because you’ve realised your spiritual state, you can make the mistake of judging others who still aren’t seeing their own spiritual state.

Everything and all praise that can give you pleasure or turn into “success”, is a trap at your feet! This is the glory from this world, inside the work of God.

Be careful! This is why Jesus said, “Watch and pray…” (Matthew 26:41).

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