Looks that don’t deceive

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We’re tired of hearing that looks are deceiving, but did you know that they are not as deceiving as they say? Many times what you see is exactly what’s going on inside of a person.

I’ll give some examples but there are millions more out there…

  • You are not a person that smiles and you say that’s the way you are, but did you know that your difficulty in smiling is linked to your spirit? Inside, you may not be well… you’re insecure, and carry a big sadness about something that happened or is happening.
  • You are a woman that likes talking a lot. Every time you’re in a circle of friends, your voice stands out. You have so many topics, so much to say, give your opinion about, criticise, comment and gossip that you don’t even have time to hear what others have to say. You see friend, you are also insecure. You think you have to be the center of attention, if not you’re not valuable. You like when others know how much knowledge you have, how you understand the current topics, how you’re up to date with the latest new, giving the impression that you are superior to others… but what you don’t know is that you’re inferior because you act this way.
  • You’re always into fashion; you know all the trends, you always try to use new clothes every time you are around other women. You may even say this has nothing to do, that you are not a slave of your appearance, but everyone knows that it’s everything for you, mainly when you are around certain women, who according to you, have a type of beauty that competes with you. You don’t even dress up when you’re around others that don’t threaten your beauty, but when there is, you become someone else… you have to outshine them, you have to have a newer outfit than them, you need to get an envious look at them. I’m sorry to say but you are extremely insecure, and live with an unending inner competition that you’ll never win! There will always be a prettier woman than you, someone younger, someone whose look calls more attention…
  • You have to have the best house, the best husband, the best son, the best life, the best career… well, you have to be the best, if not you’re dissatisfied!

Every time that you have to do or have something to feel better, there is a serious problem with you.

Do you still think I’m not talking to you? Make a test! Try doing the opposite of what you always do… see how you feel.

I’m really sorry, friend! I’m a woman and was very insecure. Sometimes we are insecure and don’t even know why! In my next post I’ll share how I became insecure when I arrived in Brazil 5 years ago…

In faith.

Cristiane Cardoso

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