Virtuous identity

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Virtuous identity

A woman who possesses a virtuous identity is firm and consistent in doing good, not only to others but also, especially, to herself. Many are mistaken in thinking that they are good because they help other people but don’t help themselves. Instead of avoiding certain things, they get involved in what is harmful and don’t make the necessary sacrifices to be happy and live well.

We must learn from God. He does good to Himself by practising virtues:

  • Holiness – God is holy because He lives separated from evil. We also become holy when we get rid of what’s bad. When we live our life away from grudges, lies, hate, anger, enmity, gossip and other bad things, we avoid evil penetrating into our heart and guiding our attitudes and choices.
  • Purity – God is pure because He lives among pure things. This means that we don’t just have to get away from evil, but we have to get close to what’s good. For this to happen, it’s necessary to think of what is good, base our life on the truth, get involved with what adds to our life and accept only positive influences.
  • Strength – God is strong because His strength is independent of any circumstances. We too become strong when we do not get carried away by situations and emotions. We develop an inner strength when we act by faith, by what we believe and determine.

  • Truth – God is truth because He fulfils what He promises and is faithful. We also must be truthful ‒ after all, we are our word. Because of this, we need always to speak the truth and have good intentions, to be who we truly are in every situation and place.

  • Balance – God is balanced because He doesn’t live in one extreme. This is a quality that conveys security and credibility because it shows that you have control over yourself and know how to manage your tasks, reactions and your life.

It’s pointless to do good to the whole world if you don’t do good for yourself. When you are good to your body, soul and spirit, the good that you do to others will have a much greater quality!

If you could create a new identity for yourself, what would it be?

Cristiane Cardoso

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