Re-creation: the procedure for a new YOU

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If you open a toolbox, you will notice that the tools are all different, but all of them are useful. Regardless of how often he uses them, a handyman does not make little of any of them.

This principle can also be applied to the human body. Every part of it is important and necessary. If one part refuses to work (no matter how small it may be), the entire body is compromised.

Many people are unhappy with the way they are. They seldom embrace their uniqueness; instead, they compare themselves to others. This attitude co-operates with the devil’s agenda. They are filled with complexes and don’t like themselves.

But it is possible to be re-created from the inside out. The core of your being can be changed. God can and wants to re-create the way you see yourself.

To re-create something from the outside doesn’t make any difference. When the root—the core— is fixed, the outside changes.

Traumas, complexes, insecurities and the like can be resolved; God can work on your inner being.

If you have been holding an identity that is fake and untrue, but you want to be happy and excited about yourself and truly love yourself, then join us this coming Sunday at your local UCKG HelpCentre.

Bishop Randal Brito

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