Three steps to get the best of opportunities

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ropeWhat if it were your last chance?

What do you regret the most in life? If you had access to a time machine, what would you redo? When we usually hear this question, the answer tends to be that we wish that opportunity we lost would come back once more. Opportunities are that precious.

A businessman can fear the loss of a single opportunity more than losing millions because the importance of one opportunity is only realised after it’s gone. It’s the business idea that was never invested in; the relationship that could have worked out; the missed interview appointment or even the time wasted on unprofitable works that develop a sense of self-accusation and regret within us. We wonder where we could have been, or who we could have become if we hadn’t missed that chance.

However, dwelling on the past doesn’t profit anyone and shouldn’t be practised. We can’t forget the past, but we can ignore it and we must, for our own benefit. We can’t take back what we missed; however, remembering incessantly only causes self-pity. The next great business idea, that new job and also the new life lessons are all ahead of us.

Here are three steps you should know to get the best of opportunities:

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