The spectacle of life

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We become perplexed before the Universe and the spectacle of life, but still, although they are admirable works, they don’t reveal all the majesty and greatness of our Creator.

Everything that exists is just a whisper of His powerful Voice which already leaves us enraptured.

Every work visible and invisible of His Hands pulses to testify His authorship.

We can even contemplate Him as wide as the heavens that are filled with stars, every day, for thousands of years.

Because of His power, the Almighty sustains the earth with a gravitational force in space, apparently floating on thin air. He has stored millions of liters of water, distributed in small particles inside clouds in the atmosphere. Kindly, He doesn’t allow them to fall tragically on men, but trickles them as rain and dew.

I admire Him in the beauty of light, in colors, shapes and sounds. In the extensive variety of fauna and flora. In the synchronized movement of the planet; in the day and at night; the boundaries of water and the changing of seasons.

How can a body like ours be the result of evolution, composed of trillions of cells and specific genetics, full of unique features in each individual, like the color of our eyes, skin, hair and height? Not to mention our fantastic senses, our vision, hearing, taste, touch and smell! From the fragile and simple clay to a complex machine, perfectly working, unable to be reproduced even by the most intelligent men together. It’s impossible not to see the Divine breath in the human nostrils!

I see God in the food we have at our table, despite the poor administration of man in managing the resources the earth has given in their hands.

I also see Him in families, sincere friendships, hugs and smiles.

But He’s not just in the extraordinary, beautiful and good I see. I also see Him in the simple things and when I am before a sad or incomprehensible situations.

I see Him when I walk on the green pastures, and also in the valley of shadow and death.

In the days of pain, when heavy tears fall down my face, I experience His comfort.

In the absence of loved ones, I’m delighted by His Company.

The painful losses that I faced were perfected by His restitution.

I see God when I hear “yes” and when I hear “no”. I know that it’s my Father, although I may not understand, He knows what the best is for me.

I see God in the doors that open and those that close. When He heals or allows the person to die. In the calmness or the storm.

I decide to keep seeing God in everything in my life.

Until next time!

Cristiane Cardoso

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