The wings of faith like an eagle

believe in small things, God, know my heart, you lose focus,

The wings of faith like an eagle

Throughout the history of humanity, there have always been people who feared God and questioned His justice.  Why do the evil get rich while good people live in misery? Why do the dishonest enjoy success while the honest go without the basics in life?

Even Jeremiah the prophet asked:

Lord, you always give me justice when I bring a case before you. So, let me bring you this complaint: Why are the wicked so prosperous? Why are evil people so happy? You have planted them, and they have taken root and prospered. Your name is on their lips, but you are far from their hearts. But as for me, Lord, you know my heart. You see me and test my thoughts…

The Lord’s Reply to Jeremiah:

“If racing against mere men makes you tired, how will you race against horses? If you stumble and fall on open ground, what will you do in the thickets near the Jordan? Jeremiah 12:1-5 (NLT)

In other words, Jeremiah, why do you concern yourself with the miserable life of the rich and lost, when you have Me as your Partner, Ally and Father?

Why do you lose focus, and insist on ignoring the vision of My greatness and glory, to look downwards?

Why would you put your hope in men racing on foot when you have the wings of an eagle?

When the people of God use their faith to focus on small and insignificant things, they will never summon the required faith (courage) to invest in great things.

How can you honestly believe in an Almighty God and at the same time believe in small things?

This is the mistake of majority Christians. And as a result, they become mired in misery as they envy the wealth of the wicked and dishonest.

They want to compete with them when their potential is infinitely better and greater.

The problem is that they have overlooked THE WINGS OF FAITH LIKE AN EAGLE and have chosen to run in sneakers…

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