The Excuses of Moses

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The Excuses of Moses

The path to success in any area of life is: set a goal, fight with all your strength and do not look at the difficulties. This requires sacrifice. Many, however, settle and end up conforming to a situation even though their lives are full of defeats and failures. There certainly isn’t a lack of excuses when it comes to justifying these constant negative results to themselves and others.

This happened to Moses.

God heard the cry of His people and descended to save them from slavery. He called Moses from the midst of a bush on Mount Sinai and told him how, through him, He would provide deliverance (Exodus 3:3–10). Despite this good news, Moses, five times, made excuses to avoid the responsibility of being the intermediary of deliverance.

  • The first excuse: Who am I? (Exodus 3:11).
    Moses felt inferior. He thought God had chosen the wrong person.
    God’s answer: It does not matter who you are. I will be with you (Exodus 3:12).
  • The second excuse: Who are you? (Exodus 3:13).
    Moses felt a lack of intimacy. He did not know God well enough to describe Him to the people.
    God’s answer: I Am Who I Am. I am all you need (Exodus 3:14).
  • The third excuse: What if they do not listen to me? (Exodus 4:1).
    Moses felt intimidated. He was worried about how the people would react to him.
    God’s answer: Show My signs and they will listen to you (Exodus 4:2–9).
  • The fourth excuse: I have never been a good speaker (Exodus 4:10).
    Moses lamented his weaknesses. Who would listen to him when he did not know how to speak well?
    God’s answer: Guess who created your mouth? (Exodus 4:11–12).
  • The fifth excuse: I know You can find someone better (Exodus 4:13).
    Moses compared himself to others, even to his brother, and judged himself incapable.
    At this point, God became angry with him and said: ‘I will let Aaron go with you, but YOU will take the lead’ (Exodus 4:14–16).


After all the excuses, Moses finally did what God asked and the deliverance took place.

Stop making excuses, because He knows you can do it!

He does not seek self-confident people, but people who trust and, above all, obey what He says. Stop looking in the mirror seeking your own limitations and start looking to God Almighty.

Bishop Edir Macedo
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