The 4 phases of a healthy Christian life

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The 4 phases of a healthy Christian life

From a defenceless baby to a curious toddler, from a child developing their own personality to an adolescent trying to stamp their mark on the world and, let’s not forget early, mid and mature adulthood. From the moment we are born, we transition through different phases in our lives and each stage is marked by different events.  The first step, the first day at school, the first job, first love, getting married, the loss of hair,  having kids, and the list goes on.

Spiritually, we also go through phases. In nature, the same way these phases are necessary for the healthy development of a person, the same is true for Christian living. In fact, there are four critical phases, which must take place to ensure a healthy Christian life, and these go beyond an altar call or accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour one day. They are more than just knowing what the Bible says or getting baptised in water. It surpasses a belief in God and carries the title of ‘Christian’.

In fact, these four phases break down belief, which forces it to become so active that it produces in those who follow its steps, a faith that causes the invisible God to become very visible in their lives – from the inside out.  However, don’t just take our word for it, come and learn how to activate this for yourself.

Join the Faith School and be in the front row in the Bible study – The 4 Phases of a healthy Christian life.

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    16th May 2016

    I have read phase 1, the believer who is lost, and I understood that he is lost simply because he is not applying any faith in his/her life.

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