The 11 Most Drug Addicted Countries in the World

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A drug is any substance other than food which, when absorbed by the body, causes a physiological change. There are numerous types of drugs – some legal, others not – but these have been and still are the most highly damaging and destructive addictions in the world.

The grip which a drug addiction has on a person can lead them to abandon their family, give up on their dream and goals and even compromise their integrity, all in a exchange for the next high.

Every country has its own struggle when it comes to tackling this universal problem but which one ranks top as the world’s most drug addicted country?

The top eleven drug addicted countries are:

According to independent research company, Inside Monkey, the United Kingdom is the world’s most drug addicted country, with a greater number of drug buyers and users, as well as a huge number of people who are addicted to alcohol.

The Office of National Statistics finding from the 2014/2015 Crime Survey for England and Wales reported that 1 in 12 (8.6%) adults aged 16 to 59 had taken an illicit drug in the last year, which equated to around 2.8 million people. Cannabis, powder cocaine and Ecstasy are ranked the top three most commonly used drug in the country.

While most addicts have developed a degree of skill for hiding their problem, sooner or later there are always tell-tale clues, which give away their addiction.

Do you suspect that a friend or family member may be addicted? Are you worried and feel helpless because your intervention for the addict you know does not seem to be working or, are you an addict who wants to quit but can’t find the strength to get clean and stay clean?

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