Love Skills Training is the Best Way to a Happy Marriage say Experts

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Friday 6th September 2013

Adult education classes offer everything from Art to Zumba, but it’s hard to find training in Love Skills. That changes on September 22, when The Love School comes to Wembley Arena.

International TV personalities Renato and Cristiane Cardoso will be coaching thousands of couples and hopeful singles in the skills necessary to establish and maintain a successful marriage at an intensive three-hour seminar.

The event responds to the long term decline in marriage and high divorce rate in the UK, and aims to help people establish supportive relationships that will last through life’s ups and downs in place of ones that crumble as soon as the going gets tough.

“There are schools for everything but until now love has been the exception” says co-host Renato Cardoso. “Instead of being taught how to choose our partners wisely and to understand the difference between superficial attraction and love that lasts a lifetime, we all pick up ideas from the world around us. With a little training, there would be far fewer mistakes and happier marriages.

“The more fortunate have good role models but others – possibly the majority – are taken in to some extent by fanciful ideas from romantic comedies and inappropriate pressures from social media, families and friends. As a result they accept such myths as love at first sight, when real love only develops as a result of knowing the man or woman you are attracted to and having shared values.”

As a family and marriage educator certified by the National Marriage Center of New York and a husband of 22 years, Renato stresses the importance of working at marriage, and communicating with your partner.  “The person you are married to can seem quite different from the one you dated, since you are together all the time and not just for special occasions,” he claims. “That calls for shared problem solving not temper spats or frosty silences.”

His wife, Cris Cardoso, adds: “Contrary to what some people think, living with the same person for many years is the most pleasant thing that could ever happen to someone and it delivers a great sense of achievement.”

In addition to co-hosting The Love School in London and as a weekly show on Record TV in Brazil also broadcasted worldwide via satellite, Cris is the author of two best selling self-help books “The V-Woman” and “Better Than a New Pair of Shoes”. The couple’s latest book, “Bulletproof Marriage”, gives practical advice for those who recognise the value of married life and wish to stay that way.

Tickets for The Love School are available at £40, £35, £30 and £25, and are on sale via Ticketmaster, through the event info line 0870 068 2000, the dedicated website at, Wembley Arena’s line for disabled bookings 020 8782 5629 and at all UCKG HelpCentres around the UK.

A copy of Bulletproof Marriage is included with every purchased ticket.


Notes to editors

The Love School is a series of TV programmes and conferences hosted by international authors and TV personalities Renato and Cristiane Cardoso. The pair are honest, down-to-earth and straight talking on the dos and don’ts of relationships. They often share their personal experiences, and deliver interactive programmes for people who are at various levels in their love-lives.

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