Temporary joy versus permanent joy

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Temporary joy versus permanent joy

When we talk about joy and the ways it is brought upon us, many things come to mind. Some of these things bring temporary joy whilst others bring permanent joy.


This type of feeling can be split into two divisions. One is a sense of joy that, although it may seem long-term, quickly loses its excitement. Let us dig deeper to uncover some of these things:

Clothes and shoes
These are a combination of desires and needs.

The second type of temporary joy is always short-term. These are usually an experience. A common New Year resolution is to travel abroad and go out more, etc. But when you return to your normal routine, the only things you are left with to think about are your problems.

Can you see the limitation behind temporary joy? It cannot solve your inner concerns entirely.

Permanent joy:

This feeling is closely linked to your inner self, your friends and your family. Permanent joy can be achieved by having a good relationship with others and by tackling the problems in your personal life. How so? Your personal growth is essential to how you behave and feel, and the people in your life, unlike most materialistic things, are almost irreplaceable.

Generally speaking, it is okay to find happiness in materialistic things, but they should never be relied upon for complete joy. Instead, take action in regard to achieving complete peace. You can learn how to overcome your problems with a little help from us rather than sweeping it underneath the carpet.

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