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Not many people are fond of trips to the doctor, so it is not surprising when a little fib is told here and there when asked about their lifestyle. But is this dangerous? Could sugar-coating your lifestyle save you from embarrassment, but cost you your life instead?

The stories of patients being treated too late are endless and still rising – but not due to the doctors lack of assertiveness, but rather patients choosing not to say things as they are. For they do not see it as lying but rather bending the truth, especially when it could mean them losing out somehow – in terms of money or power or maybe even compromising their reputation somehow.

Patients have been known to not disclose information regarding their sexual practices, alcohol intake, whether they have had surgery or not and about their honest diet (especially when on a prescribed diet plan) and exercise regimen. Moreover, another common piece of information that patients hide from doctors, for obvious reasons, is whether or not they take drugs. The severity of the symptoms they are suffering and whether or not they are taking their medication as prescribed is also often obscured – which can be extremely dangerous.

We are always taught that honesty is key in life and although taken lightly in the modern world, it should not be the case when it comes to our health. Prevention will always be better than cure.

Maybe you have been meaning to pay a sincere visit to the doctors for help, to change certain habits to better your health, or even to attend one of our Tuesday meetings dedicated to your health. Whatever it may be, do something before it’s too late.

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