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When you look at the definition of addiction, you may realise how dangerous it can be. Yet the scariest part may be wondering if you might be addicted to something without realising it. If so, is there a cure?

Addiction, it seems, has fallen into two groups: the common addictions that we all know (cigarettes, alcohol, cocaine, gambling) and the uncommon addictions that are never really mentioned (gaming, coffee, food, hoarding).

You might think that some of these are just annoying habits, but anything that controls your daily life and consequently causes you to depend on it is an addiction.

But are the uncommon addictions really dangerous?

With regards to addiction, the user always has a desire for a stronger dose of whatever it is she or he is addicted to, to achieve a better feeling than the last one.

The desire quickly escalates into a craving. It becomes almost unbearable to live without the addiction.

It is said that there is no cure for addiction, and that it is similar to diabetes, because diabetes cannot be cured but only managed with long-term treatment.

However, there is a clinic that not only claims there is a cure, but that the cure is permanent, with fascinating outcomes. Results stretch from Brazil to our very doorstep in Peckham, London. Here, Ricardo thought it was impossible to put an end to his addiction. Although he was fully aware of the damage it was causing his marriage, he couldn’t go a day without a quick fix. But after undergoing the treatment provided at this clinic, he claims he is cured and clean for over 2 years now.

If this is true, then as unbelievable as it may sound, there finally is a cure for addiction! Why not check it out for yourself at the Rainbow Theatre, every Sunday at 6pm.

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