Put your problems in perspective

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Put your problems in perspective

One day, I went past a butterfly on a wall and its size caught my attention, so I decided to take a picture of it. When I looked at the picture I had just taken, the butterfly looked so much bigger in the picture than it actually was, so I decided to take another picture, so that i could put into perspective the actual size of that butterfly.


This had me thinking. If our perception is limited, things could appear much bigger than they are. Sometimes, one needs a broader vision to put things in their true perspective. How have you been looking at the problems that you are going through? While your eyes are focused on the problem, it will seem bigger than it is. In order to put it into perspective, you need to take a step back and broaden your vision.

When you stop looking at any problem you’re facing and look to God, your vision will broaden, because you will begin to understand that, in comparison to Him, the size of that problem is insignificant, just as the size of the butterfly is insignificant, compared to the hand next to it. Don’t be overwhelmed by the problems you face. Allow God to step into the picture, so that you may see the size of that problem shrinking before your eyes!

May God bless you.

Mrs. Claudia Brito

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