What is tithe?

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Tithe in simple terms, is the first ten percent (10%) of all our income and it belongs to God. The easiest way to calculate the 10% is by moving all the dots to the next digit on their left and cutting the last digit on the right.

For example:
If the income is £1500.00, you move the dot to the next digit on the left and remove the last digit and it will be £150.00 this is the tithe. If it is £3620.00 it will be £362.00, if it is £4235.00 it will be £423.50 and so on.

The very first time it appears in the Bible is in Genesis 14:18-20 when Abraham gave his tithe to Melchizedek, king of Salem, a tenth of all the spoils from the victory over his enemies, when he rescued his nephew Lot.

It is interesting to note that the last time the bible makes reference to the tithe is exactly in the last book, in Revelation 14:4, when it refers to the redeemed as the “first fruit to God and to the Lamb”.

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