Exercising on a regular basis can ‘keep heart and arteries young’

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Exercising on a regular basis can ‘keep heart and arteries young’

Research has shown that exercising four to five times a week is a MUST to stop the main arteries to the heart from stiffening up. Doing any exercise a few times a week can cut the risk of heart problems; indeed, doing the right amount of exercise at the right time in life could reverse the ageing of the heart and blood vessels.

As we get older, our arteries – which transport blood in and out of our hearts and to all parts of our body – also begin to age, and if we do not take care of our diets and physical health, this can lead to bigger health problems. US researchers found that people who exercised four to five times a week had healthier arteries. A healthy routine can help ensure a healthier heart and also lessen the chances of sickness and disease in later life.

Dr Benjamin Levine, researcher at the Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine in Dallas, Texas, writes: “This work is really exciting because it enables us to develop exercise programmes to keep the heart youthful and even turn back time on older hearts and blood vessels.” 

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