Getting older should not stop anyone from continuing to enjoy life and the companionship of friends and family. While many continue to lead active lives, others – especially those who are advanced in age – can at times be forgotten and left uncared for, particularly when their nearest and dearest have passed on or moved away.

We believe that our senior citizens should live with dignity as respected and involved members of society. This is why the Caleb Group was formed. With weekly, monthly and annual activities and events, the Caleb Group works to give back to those who have not had the privileges that we sometimes take for granted, and aims to restore the care and respect that has been lost over time.

Activities in the Caleb Group’s yearly calendar include:
• Weekly/bi-monthly get-togethers
• Monthly care home visits
• Pampering day
• Cultural day
• An annual seaside trip
• Annual Christmas lunch and much more…

The other services on offer include hospital and home visits for those who may need extra care and attention.

In light of the pandemic, many of the activities mentioned above have had to be suspended to protect this at-risk group and to comply with government guidelines. However, this difficult time has not stopped the Caleb Group from being active. Our volunteer and tech-savvy seniors have taken to online platforms to remain in contact with their fellow Caleb group members, holding weekly online get-togethers. The regular online contact has proven to be a successful way of keeping our older citizens in good spirits.