The very 1st Bible Knowledge Fair.

UTF Bible Knowledge Fair

Do you have an adolescent between the ages of 11-14?

They are invited to join the Universal Teen Force (UTF) – a group tailored to provide spiritual guidance and support for teenagers as they navigate adolescence.

This is a critical stage of their lives as they undergo drastic changes, which can sometimes be overwhelming.

It is also a time when they develop habits, principles and build friendships. Therefore, it is essential that they receive the proper guidance to make choices that will impact their future positively.

This is where the UTF come in.

With activities, events and messages deriving from the Word of God, the UTF aims to teach your teenager Biblical principles and values. The UTF advisors also provide a listening ear and pray with the teens, encouraging them to have a relationship with God.

Last Saturday, the 1st UTF Bible Knowledge Fair based on the Biblical book, ‘Kings’, took place in our Universal Church in Kilburn.

It was jam-packed with performances, educational tents and a special message. The teens learnt about the story of the kings in the Bible and the importance of obeying God and their parents.

It was amazing to see teenagers coming out of their comfort zone to participate in the performances or to host the activities in the tents.

Overall, it was a great day for both the teens and the parents present, who came together to attend this event.

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