Offline dating – a social experiment with surprising results

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Offline dating

Nowadays the most common way for two people to meet is through online dating websites, and if having these websites stored up on your desktop isn’t enough, modern technology has led to people being enabled to carry these websites around with them on their phones. But have people reached the point where they no longer know how to approach a person, and instead they ‘hide’ behind a (sometimes fake) dating profile.

A social experiment done in London which consisted of an actor, Tom Greaves, being filmed asking different women to go out on a date with him. He got many mixed responses, many no’s, to the point where someone even slammed the door in his face! However in the end he managed to get his date.

One thing that many girls mentioned whilst he was speaking to them was that they preferred a more ‘Traditional courtship’ rather than someone online displaying an interest in them.

Greaves boldness earned him, what the filmmaker, Samuel Abrahams, described as “fun interaction that he would never had if he’d been sat at home swiping on his phone”

Of course, we are not saying that there is anything wrong with online dating, however, like Tom greaves, his confidence in approaching people led to him having a date! Its time to be bold and take action! To learn how you can do so in the right way, why not come along to one of our love Talk Live meetings, every Saturday at 7pm.


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