A singles guide to Valentine’s Day

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As we approach Valentine’s Day, many couples are preparing a special gift for the one they love; however, there are also those who are dreading this international day of love.


From being told to stay at home so they can avoid being in the presence of other couples, to being encouraged to dwell on their own sorrow, singletons are told that there is no way to enjoy themselves on Valentine’s Day.

Understandably, it can be difficult to be single on the most romantic day of the year, yet the idea of Valentine’s Day being a happy day only for couples is a widely misconstrued belief in today’s society.

It’s extremely important to know that Valentine’s Day does not have to be a day of shame for those who aren’t in relationships, but instead, a day of reflection and self-love. Here are some important points to remember for Valentine’s Day:

Everyone has been single on Valentine’s Day. You won’t be single forever. What many people forget is that the friends, family, and strangers they see with their partners have all at one point experienced being single on Valentine’s Day. Yet, they eventually found a great person to be with, and you will too.

 Social media posts aren’t making your Valentine’s Day hell. Comparison is. We all know how bad and unbeneficial it is to compare ourselves to other people, and many people end up feeling terrible about themselves when they see happy couples parading themselves on social media. Instead of looking at what others have in sorrow, be happy for them and focus on what you have, and how you can improve your situation.

Would you date yourself? If not, now’s the time for self-love.  Many people want to be in a relationship, yet not everyone is ready to be in one. How can you be sure of this? Ask yourself the question, ‘Would I date myself?’ (be honest with your response!) If your answer is ‘no’, then you need to work on improving yourself, until you can look at yourself and know your worthiness and value as an individual. When you love yourself, you are giving someone else a chance to love you too.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to suck. Unless you allow it too. Even though being sad and lonely may seem like the ‘normal’ thing to do on Valentine’s Day as a singleton, how this day turns out depends on you. If you want to use this time to wallow in self-pity and lost hope, then that’s exactly what will happen. On the other hand, if you want to use this day to your advantage, to reflect and enjoy this period of time, then it will be of great advantage to you.

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