Night of Miracles

a thing of the past, your dream job,


What would you characterise as a miracle?

Could it be finding your dream job after years of unemployment?

Seeing the son that has been addicted to drugs for so long, finally going back to being the exemplar young man you raised him to be?

To finally overcome what has been keeping you awake every night?

Breaking the cycle of bad relationships and finally settling down with the right person?

Finally being told that you no longer have to go back to the hospital for the same recurrent diagnosis?

Whatever your miracle may be, join us in this unique event to see for yourself if miracles are only a thing of the past, or if they are still very present nowadays.

What do you have to lose?


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Event: Night of Miracles
Date: Tuesday 17th May 2016
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: 11-13 Thurland Street, Nottingham, NG1 3DR