Inauguration of Moriah Hospital brings advances to the area

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“Each life is unique, precious and not just matter (physical substance). Besides the body, emotions, thought and spirituality influences health. E is the harmony of these factors facilitating the healing process.”

These were Dr. Eunice Higuchi’s words, who is the Director at the Moriah Hospital, which were announced earlier this month at the official opening of the establishment, located in Moema, in São Paulo, Brazil.

The name refers to Mount Moriah, where Abraham went to sacrifice his son Isaac, on behalf of his love for God. It is one of the most important passages of the Bible. It was also there that King Solomon erected the first temple.

Thus, the name chosen for the unit, transmits the message that faith and medicine are important additions when it comes to health. So, the new project, which is designed by business group, Business Health Life, brings innovations, which are transforming concepts, and it all starts from the environment.

According to journalist Heródoto Barbeiro, Master of Ceremonies of the hospital’s opening event, when entering the institution, one doesn’t feel like they’re in a hospital.

“When you say it’s a hospital, the people who are looking at it from the outside in don’t believe it. The architecture provides a pleasant atmosphere. So, whoever enters this open space feels great. and feeling good is the first step to regaining health,” he says.

The landscape is the foundation to recovery

The architectural project was a big responsibility for Siegbert Zanettini. He had a mission to build a hospital, which would transmit peace, security and hope for everyone; from employees, patients and companions, to those who circulate around the hospital in a sustainable way.

“I’ve worked with hospitals for 55 years and this was a big challenge. We made sure to emphasise the natural beauty of the environment: natural light, water, vegetation. Surely, these goods that God has given us bring faster rehabilitation of the patient,” says the renowned architect.

Inspiring standard

Besides the differential construction of the building, the news from the area of hospitals are also striking features.

“The purpose of Moriah Hospital is to be an integrated care model. The first is the basic service, which we call sustainable self-care: Promotion, prevention and health care,” explains the president of the unit, Dr. Eunice Higuchi.

The next step is the patient’s orientation to the health operator, who directs according to the degree of complexity of the disease.

“The hospital is mainly focused on the surgical area of high complexity and high cost, but integrated with other healthcare levels. We don’t disassociate the treatment of the patient. It’s only one thing,” says the President of the Moriah Hospital.

Dr. David Everson Uip, Health Secretary of São Paulo, was amazed at the standard of the new health facility.

“Inaugurating a hospital is a privilege, even more so at this level and quality. The ecology, humanism, care and affection differentiate this hospital from the others and this is what people need in our days,” he said.

The secretary, who is also a university teacher, says that for a healthcare system to work with excellence, you need to combine teaching with research.

“Conducting research in Brazil is a big challenge. I’m sure that this hospital will be a great inspiration.”

Research Institute draws attention

Another major goal of the hospital, is contemplating the population with a number of discoveries, new patents and, therefore, important partnerships were made to offer resolute treatments to society.

Dr. Marc Abreu, President of the Institute of Education and Research, states that the choice of doing science and research, aims to reduce human suffering and prevent the diseases to be stronger than the ability to overcome them.

“We will establish strategic partnerships in Brazil and partnerships with international institutions of repute, such as Yale University, to deliver what is most advanced in technology and knowledge,” says the doctor.

When faith is intelligent


All treatment should begin with care for the spiritual life. However, there are situations and health problems , which are physical, and need medical attention.

The Moriah Hospital draws attention because, besides being advanced in technology, high-level clinical staff and humane treatment, it is aware that faith is a great ally in the healing process.

This way of thinking about health brings a new way to fight diseases and it brings a lot of hope to all patients.

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