In need of a spiritual check-up?

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In need of a spiritual check-up?

When was the last time you examined yourself? And no, we are not talking about a health check-up which is important too – but a spiritual one.

If we want our relationship with God to develop and go to new heights (reaching the ultimate goal of our salvation), then we need to constantly check ourselves in line with the Word of God. Such questions should be asked: Have your reactions been pleasing God? What are your intentions when you pray? Have you really repented or were they mere words?

“But let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of the bread and drink of the cup.” (1 Corinthians 11:28)

This divine instruction does not mean a mere and complacent look within oneself but rather an honest and detailed examination so that a person can understand what their condition before God is.

Your self-examination will reveal whether your faith, repentance, and intention of obeying God are sincere.

True self-examination takes courage and sincerity by doing so you receive the wholesome of God in your life – the Holy Spirit. That’s why we invite you to take part in the Lord’s Supper of Sincerity.

You will have the opportunity to bare it all before God after all who knows you better than God Himself! He won’t condemn you for confessing your wrongs, but rather He will show His love and mercy to those who are sincere.

This Sunday we will conclude the 21 Days Fast of Daniel, where the Bishops of three countries will be present in Israel to determine the out-pouring of the Holy Spirit upon all those who are sincere. We will connect to this special moment via video broadcast in your local church whilst taking part in the Lord’s Supper.

If you want to participate in this Lord’s Supper and truly make it count, prepare yourself.


Event: The Lord’s Supper of Sincerity
Date and Time: Sunday, 18 September at 10am (also at 7.30am)
Location: Taking place at your local Universal Church

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